Duncanville's temperature map

Duncanville's most important map is the temperature map! Based on the forecast of the air temperature, you will know what to wear for a walk or work

Duncanville's temperature map

Air temperature is a value that reflects the degree of air heating; it is one of the thermodynamic parameters of the state of the atmosphere.

The air temperature is measured in degrees using a special device - a thermometer. For this, mercury or alcohol thermometers are used. Alcohol thermometers are used in areas with very low temperatures since mercury freezes at a temperature of -38 C.

Temperature is not only one of the main thermodynamic characteristics of the air state but also the most important climatic parameter that integrates many factors of climate formation of various scales - the amount of solar radiation reaching the earth's surface, absorbing and emitting properties of the underlying surface and objects located on it (buildings, structures ), prevailing types of atmospheric circulation, properties of air masses, cloud conditions, etc.

Temperature map in other cities:

Climate map of air temperature

The main indicator that we focus on when we want to know the weather forecast is the air temperature. It depends on how cold or warm it is outside, how to dress and how to plan a walk or outdoor recreation. The temperature in Duncanville you can see on an interactive map on our website.

Online weather map Duncanville - information about the air temperature, updated in real-time. Zoom in on the interactive synoptic map to see more detailed weather information for today. The data is provided by satellite and is regularly updated. You will be able to watch the dynamics of the ambient air temperature by the clock. Also, the map shows:

  • air temperature anomalies;
  • minimum and maximum daily temperature.

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Temperature changes

The air temperature changes continuously throughout the day. The earth's crust quickly warms up during the day, and the air heats up from it, but with the onset of night, the land quickly cools, and as a result the air also cools. It is most convenient to monitor temperature fluctuations on an online map. Visit the website of the city of Duncanville and be aware of the weather conditions in the city, news, vacancies, bus schedules, and other nuances.